Committed to Student Success

New Chamberlain Care Student Success Model combines early identification with early intervention

Graduating and passing the NCLEX-RN® are two of aspiring nurses’ top objectives. Unfortunately, they don’t always come easily.

To help our pre-licensure Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) students succeed in school and on the licensing exam – and become the nurses they’ve wanted to be – Chamberlain has developed a comprehensive program of tools, resources and support called the Chamberlain Care® Student Success Model.

We developed the program because we believe that every student we admit to Chamberlain has the capacity to become an extraordinary nurse. The model centers on early identification of knowledge gaps or other factors that may affect students’ performance, followed by timely, customized remediation. It is a multi-faceted application of our laser focus on student success.

The entire model is now in place at all 20 Chamberlain campuses. For us, it’s not just an academic program, but also an embodiment of our dedication to caring for students and helping them to graduate and “find their extraordinary.”

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